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Confident & Capable Chair Yoga

DessiYoga’s founder, seated on a chair, performing lateral bend pose in New Farm park, blooming yellow and purple trees.
DessiYoga’s founder, seated on a chair in New Farm park, arms extended to the sides in T-shape, blooming yellow and purple trees.
DessiYoga’s founder in a variation of Downward-Facing Dog pose using the chair for arm support in New Farm park, blooming trees.

A Group Yoga Class

Confident & Capable Chair Yoga Class: Unlock the Essence of Yoga with Confidence


Discover the highly effective and safe path to receiving the myriad benefits that Yoga has to offer through our Confident & Capable Chair Yoga class. This class presents a safe space to delve into the very essence of Yoga.

While Chair Yoga is tailored for students facing mobility concerns and those in their Golden Age, it's crucial to recognize that Chair Yoga extends beyond these groups. This practice harmoniously combines gentle, restorative qualities with revitalization, making it an enriching experience for practitioners of all ages and levels.

In fact, the founder of DessiYoga holds Chair Yoga sessions among her most cherished Yoga experiences.

Chair Yoga Is Not Seniors Yoga.


At DessiYoga, we affectionately refer to our wise years as 'The Golden Age,' and thus, our senior students are lovingly addressed as Golden Age students. There's a natural harmony between the wisdom and tranquility of these years and the practice of Yoga. However, it's important to note that Chair Yoga is not synonymous with Seniors yoga.


Chair Yoga is an excellent choice for:

  • Golden Age students seeking a gentle yet invigorating practice.

  • Students with joint sensitivity and joint health concerns.

  • Beginners taking their first steps into the world of Yoga.

  • Students on the path to recovery after illness.

  • Anyone in search of a gentle, restorative practice.

The chair serves as invaluable support in:

  • Minimizing transitions from sitting to standing.

  • Providing stability during standing poses.

  • Reducing the stress on joints.

  • Enhancing balance, especially for those with challenged proprioception.

  • Re-establishing stability for students with difficulties in standing.

  • Easing discomfort caused by limited hip range of motion.

Throughout our sessions, we'll maintain a seated posture on the chair, ensuring that the hips are elevated above the knees. Additional cushioning may be used for added comfort, and we recommend practicing with bare feet for a more grounded experience.

How Can Chair Yoga Boost Our Health and Vitality?


Chair Yoga offers a holistic approach to enhancing overall well-being. Through its gentle yet effective practices, it facilitates the mobilization of the spine across its full range of motion, ensuring the joints between vertebrae remain mobile and functional. This contributes to maintaining suppleness in the spine while exercising deep back muscles, creating optimal intervertebral space.

Additionally, Chair Yoga promotes enhanced circulation throughout the body, benefiting vital organs, muscles, and tissues. It supports the production of synovial fluid in major joints like the hip socket and shoulder joint, ensuring they remain well-lubricated.

Chair Yoga is a gentle and effective way to support and improve joint health. Chair Yoga helps increase joint flexibility, reduce stiffness, and enhance overall mobility. It strengthens the muscles around the joints, providing added support and stability. Chair Yoga also promotes better circulation and relaxation, which can alleviate pain and discomfort associated with joint issues.

Beyond the physical benefits, Chair Yoga aids in improving posture by strengthening core postural muscles and fostering increased awareness of alignment. This alignment extends to the three major spinal curves, resulting in an improved posture that, in turn, leads to increased lung capacity, toning of the diaphragm, and healthier breathing patterns, ultimately enhancing every physiological and mental function.

Furthermore, Chair Yoga fosters an improved sense of balance and proprioception, providing invaluable tools for stability. It teaches participants how to harness the power of the breath to access a state of calm and mental clarity, promoting inner peace and mindfulness.

Dispelling Misconceptions: The True Challenge of Chair Yoga Classes


It's worth addressing a potential misconception that Chair Yoga lacks challenge. Contrary to common belief, Chair Yoga is not easier than traditional mat-based Yoga. Rather, it serves as an exceptional starting point for students confronting mobility and balance challenges.


However, it's important to recognize that when seated, the pelvis carries the load of the structures above it, including the spine, head, and arms. Dynamic movements involving the spine, such as lateral bends, forward folds, backbends, and twists, require particular attention to the joints connecting the pelvis and the spine, especially the sacroiliac joints.

To ensure the well-being of the sacroiliac joint, intelligent sequencing, gradual movements in and out of poses, and avoiding static positions are essential. It's imperative not to use the arms as levers or add unnecessary strain. Cultivating body awareness and focusing on bodily sensations are invaluable tools that not only ensure physical safety but also sharpen the mind for activities beyond the Yoga class.

The Chair is not limiting. It is just another prop we use.


If appropriate for you and you can stand up and walk, we incorporate standing poses using the chair as a support only. By bearing your weight, you gradually increase your strength, balance, and integration between the spine and other body structures. We also encourage you, where appropriate, to move to the floor using the chair for support for some poses.

The overall goal, of course, depending on your unique circumstances, is to build enough strength and balance so that you rely less and less on the chair. However, there is no pressure to do so, as the chair is just another prop we use, such as a pillow or a block. It is not limiting, and it doesn’t make you less of a Yogi if used appropriately for your unique needs.

The atmosphere we conduct in our Chair Yoga classes is one of mutual respect, encouragement, openness, and joy.







This class is open to all. Please notify us in advance if you have any mobility considerations. Gentlemen are especially encouraged to join!

The class lasts for 60 minutes, including a short meditation and Pranayama practice.

We will be practicing in several beautiful park locations. Stay tuned for updates on specific venues. Help us by writing to us with your suggestions.

In progress. Stay tuned for updates. Help us by writing to us with your suggestions for suitable days and times for you.

Currently, the class is offered for FREE.

While not essential, it is preferred to reserve your spot. The maximum number of participants is limited to six, ensuring an intimate experience. Please, book by contacting us here.

In the rare occasion when we need to re-schedule a class due to weather or other reasons, providing us with your phone number while booking a class online through the "Contact us" form is highly appreciated. This will enable us to reach you quickly and easily via text, ensuring efficient communication during such circumstances.


Please note, we provide a small number of chairs if you don't have one or if it is difficult for you to carry one.


The best type of chair to use is a sturdy and armless chair, where the hips are positioned at a 20-degree angle to the knees (you can use firm cushions to achieve hip elevation).


Please contact us so that we can book a chair for you.

Additionally, please bring an old yoga mat to place under the chair to prevent slipping.

Before beginning any yoga practice or exercise program, it is recommended that you consult with a qualified healthcare professional to determine if yoga is appropriate for your specific health condition. Yoga, while generally considered safe and beneficial for many individuals, may not be suitable or safe for certain health conditions or injuries. It is important to understand that yoga is not designed to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.
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