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DessiYoga logo: A face sketch reminiscent of a full moon with closed eyes and a smile exuding peace and inner contentment.

Our Approach


At DessiYoga, our approach is to enable and empower You! We base our teachings on the principles:

I trust myself.

 I listen to my inner guidance.

Sketch: A yogi head and arms, with palms pressed together in front of green heart and seed-like shape to symbolise self-trust.

I am able.

I can ignite my confidence and motivation.

Sketch: A sitting yogi, arms exuberantly thrown in the air, orange-hued fire in the navel region, symbol of empowerment.

I honour my deep knowing.

I am open to perceiving from within.

Sketch: A yogi head with eyes closed in meditation with a purple seed-like shape at the third eye to symbolise inner wisdom.

I surrender to the process.

I adapt with fluidity to life as it presents itself while I stay true to my intentions for personal growth and evolution.
Sketch: A yogi head thrown backwards with eyes closed and an exuberant smile, a gold spiral-circle at the crown of the head.

We strongly believe that your body's inner wisdom knows better than anyone else, and we design our classes to reflect this philosophy.

Our teaching approach revolves around honouring the inner wisdom within each individual. By tuning in and listening to your body, your inner wisdom responds. Our transformative principles — self-trust, ability, deep knowing, and surrender — guide your practice.

This Is Your Practice.

Sketch: A stick figure on a summit, arms jubilantly in the air with thumbs up, a planted flag in the ground.

This Is Your Practice.
Explore. Listen Within. Expand your horizons.


Sketch: A stick figure on a little peak, arms jubilantly in the air, two taller mountain peaks nearby, towering right above.

But do so safely.
Not pushing yourself today is a commitment to yourself that you will be back on the mat tomorrow.
Your true transformative power lies in consistency and patience.


Sketch: A stick figure performing a reclined butterfly pose, pink Yoga mat, blue background, a blissful smile.

This Is Your Practice.
Tune within to discover what your body needs at this very moment.
Make it a nurturing experience for your body.


A stick figure lying on a pink inflatable mattress in a reclined butterfly pose, floating in a pool, palms, sand, cocktail.

However it looks for you.

Sketched face, blowing air, lips puckered, palm turned up and flat in front of the lips.

This Is Your Practice.
Allow the breath to be your guide.

A stick figure sitting on a boat, blowing air out as if blowing kisses. Pink sail in front, billowing in the wind from behind the boat.

The breath is a powerful tool. Once its potential is harnessed, it can take you beyond what you can even imagine. 

This Is Your Practice.

We firmly believe that the benefits of a Yoga class should be applicable to the world we live in.

We believe that a Yoga class should provide health benefits for both mind and body in a safe and respectful manner. Our approach is gentle and emphasizes adapting Yoga practices to your unique needs and abilities.

We want our students to leave the class knowing how to maintain good posture, strengthen the muscles of the back and core at home or in the workplace, and apply stress-reducing techniques instantly as needed. We work with each student's individual needs and mindset to empower them to forge a path of consistent Yoga practice that evolves naturally with their needs.

In our classes, everyone is celebrated and honoured, regardless of their mobility and strength.

Whether you can perform a particular pose or not, your essence and presence in the class are valued above all else. Your safety and comfort are of utmost importance to us.

We focus on the benefits that each pose can bring you, rather than how it looks.

We encourage you to respect your abilities and limitations, cultivating patience in your practice. Even with perceived limited mobility, flexibility or strength, your small efforts yield significant long-term benefits. Yoga's physical practice, asana, isn't only about achieving specific shapes or forms. Even the smallest mindful movements, integrated with the breath, bestow remarkable health benefits. 


Our goal is to empower you to be present in your body and tune inward.

Sometimes our inner wisdom is accessible not through the mind but rather beyond the mind, through the getaway of the body. 

This Is Your Practice.
It starts from Within.

And continues off the mat.


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