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What Exactly Is Yoga?

Yoga is a collection of ancient, tried and tested practical techniques designed to guide the practitioner on a journey of self-transformation.

Through the application of these techniques, Yoga bestows upon the practitioner a vibrant state of being, encompassing physical vibrancy, mental resilience and clarity, an enhanced ability to experience joy, and a deep sense of peace and gratitude.

  • Yoga offers well-being benefits that extend beyond what one may anticipate or request.

  • Yoga is NOT solely focused on stretching, mobility, weight loss, or strength building, although these outcomes naturally arise from the practices.

  • The impact of Yoga on overall well-being goes far beyond physical benefits, delving into deeper and more profound realms.

  • Yoga is not a religion or philosophy, but a practical methodology for enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual health.

  • Yoga is an ancient practice that remains timeless and relevant in any location and at any stage of life.

  • The opportune moment to embark on a Yoga practice is always Now, irrespective of age or life circumstances.


Yoga is a comprehensive scientific system for individual transformation, serving as an all-encompassing applicable technology for well-being. It fosters:

  • Physical well-being through the practice of physical postures (asanas) and pranayama (breath control techniques).

  • Mental well-being through meditation and self-awareness practices.

  • Spiritual fulfillment through adherence to ethical guidelines known as yamas and niyamas.

Yoga is a scientific system that outlines methods enabling us to experience a state of Union.

In essence, Yoga, meaning "Union" in Sanskrit, is a science of well-being that addresses the four dimensions of individual perception — physical, psychological, emotional, and energetic. By dissolving the illusion of separateness, it allows us to experience Union with the essence of pure consciousness, transcending limitations.

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