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Meet The Founder

Hi, I am Dessi! 

With gratitude and joy, I whole-heartedly welcome you to DessiYoga!

DessiYoga's founder and her family in New Farm park.
DessiYoga's founder with her children.

At DessiYoga we firmly believe that It Is Within You.

Our journey began when I embarked on the path of becoming a Yoga teacher at the age of 40. With no background in sports or exercise and not naturally flexible, I found myself reflecting on the strong inclination I felt towards Yoga and why this moment in my life was calling me to it.

My fascination with Yoga started in my teenage years in Bulgaria, where I discovered a book that sparked my curiosity. However, my life took me on a different path as a successful medical research scientist with a Doctorate in Science.


As a new mother, I found myself in desperate need of healing, facing anxiety, emotional challenges, and physical ailments. Guided by my intuition, I turned to Yoga and started a simple personal practice at home.

Within a few weeks of consistent practice, I experienced profound transformations, both physically and emotionally. As a scientist accustomed to rational thought and logic, this was a new and unexpected experience.


The mindfulness of breath and presence in each posture brought me to a happier, lighter state of being.

Fueling my curiosity, I fully embraced the transformative process of Yoga by enrolling in a Yoga teacher training course. I completed a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification in 2022, an experience I deeply cherish.


 I firmly believe that the limitations we face are self-imposed. Yoga meets you where you are, regardless of circumstances or age, inviting you on an inward journey at your own pace.

It is a path of self-discovery, exploring the essence of our true nature and our connection to everything around us.

By working with our physical bodies, we tap into a deeper understanding that transcends learned knowledge, expands consciousness, and unlocks our unlimited potential.

Join us at DessiYoga as we explore the transformative power of Yoga and discover the boundless possibilities that await.

Yoga meets you where you are, providing exactly what you need.

A photo of DessiYoga’s founder leaning on a gum tree in Indooroopilly.
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