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The Journey

DessiYoga’s founder in Crescent Moon pose in New Farm park, eyes closed, backdrop of jacarandas in full bloom and city skyline.

A Group Yoga Program

The 11-week group Yoga program, "The Journey," is designed to empower you in re-building, re-discovering, and transforming yourself through a profound exploration of the ancient tools of Yoga.

"The Journey" honours the inner wisdom that draws you to Yoga, providing a pathway to overcoming the distractions and doubts of daily life by committing yourself to the practice. By setting a firm intention and utilising the proven techniques of Yoga to optimise your well-being, you free yourself from competing choices, uncertainties, fears, and thoughts that may hinder progress.

Throughout "The Journey," we cultivate strength, deepen our understanding of Yoga techniques, and establish strong foundations, empowering you to apply Yoga in your daily life confidently. Together, week by week, we grow in our understanding and application of Yoga techniques, enhancing our capabilities, strength, and mental focus.

"The Journey" encourages embracing challenges and transcending limiting beliefs, expanding our horizons to discover a new path aligned with our true selves. It leads to a renewed sense of joy, contentment, and purpose.

Please note:

  • After each class, we love to gather for a brief sharing and connection session. However, this is entirely optional, depending on your time constraints and disposition for the day. You are welcome to stay or leave without any pressure or explanation. We understand that some of us prefer to "travel solo" at least on certain days.

  • We may utilise simple mantra vocalisations in some of “The Journey” classes such as “AUM” or the chakra one-syllable mantras. We may also use “Humming bee breath” (Bhramari Pranayama utilising humming sound on the exhalation). As we would love your experience with us to be as comfortable and safe as possible, please, advise us in advance if you would not like any form of mantra or sound vocalisations. You can read more about mantras in general and mantra chanting here.

To express your interest in joining "The Journey," please, write to us here.


"The Journey" is open to anyone, although we recommend trying one of our group classes first. Gentlemen are especially welcome!


Each class of the program lasts for 90 minutes, including Meditation and Pranayama.


We practice in a beautiful park, which will be agreed upon by the participants in the New Farm, Teneriffe, or Newstead area.


In progress. Stay tuned for updates. Help us by writing to us with your suggestions for suitable days and times for you.

We would love to hear from you, receive your feedback, and assist with any inquiries and concerns. Contact us here.


The cost for "The Journey" is AU $393.

It includes eleven 90-minute classes and opportunities to share, connect and ask questions.

We understand life is unpredictable and we would like to make your decision to commit to “The Journey” as pleasant as possible. Therefore, any unused classes are refunded on a pro-rata basis. Please see the Terms of Service for the full Refund policy.


Booking is essential, as "The Journey" group requires a minimum of three journey fellows to form. Please contact us to express your interest here. The maximum number of journey fellows is limited to six.

In the rare occasion when we need to re-schedule a class due to weather or other reasons, providing us with your phone number while booking a class online through the "Contact us" form is highly appreciated. This will enable us to reach you quickly and easily via text, ensuring efficient communication during such circumstances.

Before beginning any yoga practice or exercise program, it is recommended that you consult with a qualified healthcare professional to determine if yoga is appropriate for your specific health condition. Yoga, while generally considered safe and beneficial for many individuals, may not be suitable or safe for certain health conditions or injuries. It is important to understand that yoga is not designed to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.
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