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So That
We Can Grow Together

DessiYoga logo: A stylised face with closed eyes and a serene smile, evoking inner contentment and peace.

We cannot thank you enough for participating!

Feel free to answer all or only some of the questions.

Your insights are invaluable to us!

How much time can you see yourself investing into it?
What components are essential in your ideal Yoga session?
Do you like the idea of short (max 30 min) targeted Yoga sessions?
If yes, what interests you? (Please select 2!)
Which option holds more appeal for you: Zoom sessions or in-person Yoga classes?
What prevents you from practicing Yoga regularly in your daily life? (Select all that apply)
Are you interested in a complimentary Yoga experience with us? No prior experience, strength, or flexibility required! We are not selling, we are genuinely interested in feedback only.

If you have any questions or would like to book a complimentary Yoga session at a later stage, you can always Contact Us here.

Thanks for sharing! You help Us grow Together!

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