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Illustration: Vivid green fruit resembling an apple, symbolizing a seed's potential.

Is Yoga Right For Me?

Yoga is designed to be accessible to every human being.

Yoga is designed to be accessible to every human being, regardless of factors such as age, flexibility, mobility, body shape, sense of balance, strength, or life situations. As long as it is practiced mindfully and safely, Yoga offers transformative potential for all.

Yoga encompasses an ancient and comprehensive system of practices aimed at human transformation. It consists of a collection of techniques that have been refined over millennia, enabling individuals to unlock their ultimate potential. Further reading on Yoga can be found here.

When we mention "potential," it's important not to limit it to physical capabilities alone. The power of Yogic transformation extends beyond the physical realm, touching and changing every aspect of your being. While you may start with simple asanas (postures), you might notice changes in your thought patterns and reactions to situations in just a few weeks, often without conscious intention.

Illustration: A purple seed unfurling into a green stylised tree, symbolising the  not yet manifested potential in us.

Just as a seed contains the potential for an entire fruit-bearing tree, your pure essence holds the potential for the boundless.

A true practitioner of Yoga isn't concerned with the "accumulated" aspects of your life — memories, experiences, or impressions gathered over time. Even the physical body is viewed as the Annamaya Kosha, a collection of accumulated food and earth. From a Yogic perspective, you are seen as a limitless potential, transcending memories, learned knowledge, and intellect.

Your core is pure consciousness, pure awareness — an eternal, boundless essence.

This awareness is timeless and limitless in its nature. This realization demonstrates that irrespective of your life circumstances — age, body shape, stiffness — practicing Yoga and unlocking your innate human potential is your birthright.


The question isn't whether Yoga is right for you; it's whether you are prepared for "Now Yoga."

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the foundational text of Yoga, commence with the sutra:

"Atha Yoga anushasanam."

"And Now, the teachings of Yoga are offered."

Now is Now — whether you're youthful or in your golden years.  You will be drawn to Yoga when the time is right for your being and only then, when you are ready, the teachings can be offered.

At DessiYoga, we truly believe that the self-transformative power of Yoga resides within you. 

It's not merely a concept but an experiential reality we aim to share. Yoga adapts to your needs and meets you where you are. Each person discovers a unique path within the practice. One day, you may turn your focus inward, while your neighbor synchronizes breath with movement. The following day, your focus may be solely on the breath.

 This is the beauty of Yoga  it meets you where you are and fulfills your needs

We firmly believe that anyone, regardless of age or life situation, can tap into Yoga's self-transformative power. However, it is important to note that Yoga is not an alternative healing method, but rather a complementary practice to any recognized health plan. In certain health conditions, some Yoga practices may not be advisable, so we encourage you to seek clearance from a health professional before starting Yoga.


Our teaching approach revolves around honouring the inner wisdom within each individual. By tuning in and listening to your body, your inner wisdom responds. Our transformative principles — self-trust, ability, deep knowing, and surrender — guide your practice. Whether gentle or intense, emphasizing asanas or meditation, Yoga unlocks hidden potential you never knew existed. It adapts and evolves with you on your journey.

Always remember, you possess the capacity and capability.

Respect your abilities and limitations, cultivating patience in your practice. Even with perceived limited mobility, flexibility or strength, your small efforts yield significant long-term benefits. Yoga's physical practice, asana, isn't only about achieving specific shapes or forms. Even the smallest mindful movements, integrated with the breath, bestow remarkable health benefits.

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