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ReBalance & ReEnergise

DessiYoga's founder performing an extended side-angle pose in Indooroopilly, surrounded by gum trees, face exuding serenity.

A Group Yoga Class

ReBalance and ReEnergise: A rejuvenating and nourishing group Yoga class for all, including ladies and gentlemen, yogis, and yoginis, whether new to or established in their yoga practice.

During this class, we will tune into the inner wisdom of our bodies, allowing our breath to guide us towards moving with a sense of freedom and bliss. With curiosity, we will ask our bodies what they need in each moment. Incorporating specific postures and breathwork, we aim to quiet the mind and find physical and mental balance.

Additionally, we will engage in a series of postures to ignite our inner fire, fostering strength and resilience. Through mindful movement, we will enhance circulation to our muscles and organs, providing nourishment and rejuvenation. Ultimately, we will surrender to the present moment, embracing joy as we move and breathe.

The class comes in Morning, Sunset and Indulge variations. Please note the variations in class length below.


This class is open to all. Please notify us in advance if you have any mobility considerations. Gentlemen are especially encouraged to join!


The Morning ReBalance & ReEnergise class -- 60 minutes,

The  Sunset class --  45 minutes,

The Indulge version -- 90 minutes.


Please check the current timetable here for locations.


Please check the current timetable here, and keep an eye on this space for upcoming classes!


The Morning and Indulge class --  AUD 20

The  Sunset class --  AUD 15


While not essential, it is preferred to reserve your spot. The maximum number of participants is limited to six, ensuring an intimate experience. Please, book by contacting us here.

In the rare occasion when we need to re-schedule a class due to weather or other reasons, providing us with your phone number while booking a class online through the "Contact us" form is highly appreciated. This will enable us to reach you quickly and easily via text, ensuring efficient communication during such circumstances.

Before beginning any yoga practice or exercise program, it is recommended that you consult with a qualified healthcare professional to determine if yoga is appropriate for your specific health condition. Yoga, while generally considered safe and beneficial for many individuals, may not be suitable or safe for certain health conditions or injuries. It is important to understand that yoga is not designed to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.
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