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Why Do You Keep Referring To Sadhguru?

At DessiYoga, we do not adhere exclusively to a single Yoga style, teacher, guru, or philosophy.

While the founder has received training in the Krishnamacharya and the Mohans lineage tradition, we continuously seek to expand our knowledge and experiences through extensive reading, learning from other teachers, and remaining receptive to new transformative experiences.

Sadhguru is a renowned yogi, mystic, philanthropist, and activist whose teachings resonate with our own experiences.

On our website, we frequently reference the teachings of Sadhguru. This does not imply that we are necessarily followers of Sadhguru, but rather that certain aspects of his teachings and messages resonate with our own experiences in Yoga and beautifully express truths we hold dear in our hearts.

Sadhguru has dedicated his life to social and environmental causes.

Sadhguru has dedicated his life to enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being on a global scale. Through the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization he founded, he promotes human well-being, environmental sustainability, and social upliftment. The foundation implements various programs and initiatives such as providing education and healthcare to underprivileged communities, supporting rural development, and advocating for environmental conservation.

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